Ford’s, Model T


This is the pinnacle of modern engineering. The Model T had a 177-cubic-inch (2.9 L) front mounted inline four-cylinder, with an Automatic transmission. The top speed of this Model T can reach up to a ranging speed of 40 to 45 mph. The fuel economy is on the order of 13 to 21 mpg (5 to 9 kilometres per litre or 11.1 to 18.7 litres per 100 km)

Just picture yourself in this glorious black car. With roaring speed of 40-45 mph. You’ll make yourself stand out in a great way if you buy this car.

No one knows for sure if Henry Ford actually said, "You can paint it any color as long as it's BLACK" but that phrase has survived for almost a century and does indicate something about the beloved Model T.

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