The Mexican revolution is a revolution to remember. The revolution took place in 1910, and ended in the 1920s. The revolution started when the people of Mexico were starting to dislike the dictator rule of President Porfino Diaz. The united states intervened and the citizens of the united states questioned if intervention was really necessary. The united states became involved in the Mexican revolution for many reasons, including pity and politics, but in the end the united states did more good than bad.

            The main political reason was the Ypiranga incident. This is when US agents discovered that the German merchant ship, the Ypiranga, was carrying illegal arms to Mexico. President Wilson ordered troops to the port to stop the ship from docking. The U.S. troops then were sent in to Mexico to stop any fighting. The Ypiranga managed to dock at another port, which angered Wilson greatly. We also invaded Veracruz, April 23, 1914, when Wilson gave in to pressures for intervention from U.S. business interests, cabinet members, and newspapers. Also, in 1916, President Wilson reacted to the attack of Francisco Villa, on the border town of Columbus by launching a major expedition to Mexico under the command of General Pershing. The U.S. president hoped to strengthen his position by negotiating with President Carranza, and he wanted to eliminate the threat of Villa's forces that were along the border. U.S. public and press opinion demanded security. The 12,000 U.S. forces marched 419 miles inside Mexico, and encountered serious resistance a few times when there were small attacks against the forces. The Mexicans surprised the U.S. commander in their resolve to fight which justified their claims of a tactical victory. The U.S. had to send troops in for these reasons because of pressure from politics and the threat of an attack.

            There are also many social reasons that contributed in the involvement of the United states in the Mexican revolution. During the revolution, the Mexican people were devastated by the revolution and had no work, quality food, or shelter. The attitude of American organizations like the religious and women's groups, was that they could not just let the Mexican people suffer, they had to help them. Many groups including the Red Cross were able to help the Mexican people out during the revolution. Also, the border was full of people leaving Mexico to come to the US to leave the war. Approximately 900,000 Mexican immigrants came to the United States between 1910 and 1920. Besides escaping the violence of the revolution, Mexican people came to the U.S because they saw it as an opportunity for work. The people in the united states only agreed to help the immigrants when we went into Mexico and saw how bad life was in Mexico at that time. There were also raids that took place in the border states of the United states. A raid took place Raid in Columbus, New Mexico, which caused the death of 16 American citizens. We then realized that the revolution would also affect us. These pieces of evidence show that one of the reasons the united states was the social causes and the poor lifestyle of the Mexicans. The Unites States became involved because they wanted to help.

            Reasons the U.S. entered the revolution like the united states economy and defending the united states also forced the U.S. to become involved. On April 9th, the U.S. docked a ship in Mexico for trading reasons. None of the men aboard were armed, and two of them were arrested. The U.S. became involved in the revolution because they wanted to trade with Mexico and make money, but they couldn’t trade with all the fighting going on. The United states also needed to defend themselves from an assortment of crimes by the border. President Wilson feared Mexico's weak status would lend itself to forces hostile to the United States. Fears in Arizona arose when the border town of Nogales was attacked May 9, 1916.  Sightings of Villa, a reoccurring attacker of the united states,  were a common occurrence, sending the townspeople along the southwest border into panic. Wilson sent Federal troops, including the Arizona National Guard, to assist in re-establish order. People in Mexico also raided a city in New Mexico, which contained many weapons. The raiders stole the weapons and burned down a lot of the city. In response to these raids, the United States needed to enter Mexico and become involved in the revolution in order to end these attacks.

            The United States became involved in the Mexican revolution, and their involvement was for a good cause. Out of all the reasons, political, social, economic, and defensive reasons, pity was the best reason because the U.S. set aside its differences with Mexico and helped out the Mexican citizens in need who really needed help. The United States did a good thing by becoming involved in the Mexican revolution.


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