Last night, the 19th of October, Louis Armstrong performed in Chicago, Illinois, where he has finally joined a full time band. The rising star’s talent with a trumpet has become a sensation in the Creol Jazz community in Chicago and his newfound improvisation skills have made him one of the most popular musicians in the city. Come see Louis Armstrong live again tonight with Joe “King” Oliver in his Creol Jazz Band in the happening city of Chicago.

Also see Ella Fitzgerald perform “Summertime” and other big hits tomorrow night at the Apollo theater in New York New, York, where she awed her first crowd with “Judy”.

Entertainment of 1890’s

Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet Written: 1597

Review of Romeo and Juliet 

  Last week on Thursday, August 14th was the first showing of the 1597 play Romeo and Julietwritten by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare truly knew how to mix love and tragedy in a perfect blend having his audience applauding and in tears by the end. This play is about a young couple Juliet (Mabel Price) and Romeo (Louis King). In Verona there is a family feud going on between Romeo, son of Montague and Juliet, daughter of Capulet. In the beginning Romeo is talking to his cousin Benvolio (Joseph L. Turner) in a sycamore cove confiding his love to a young maiden Rosaline but, his cousin convinces him to stop loving her since she does not love him back. Romeo runs in to Juliet. They find out that there families are rivals but, they are so in love that they don’t care even though their families found out and refuse them to have contact.  The actors truly made this play remarkable. This is the best cast that I have seen in 10 years. I would see this play over and over again. 

Charlie Chaplin’s, Sunny Side

    Yet another fine work from Chaplin, Sunny Side is a silent and entertaining short film perfect for an early evening or after a long day of work. Though it may not grab your attention to the fullest and lacks in plot depths, it is good for the whole family, bring the children, too as the comedy will keep even the young ones amused.
Sunny Side follows Chaplin, a farmer who works all day long and has a fancy for the neighbor’s daughter Edna. Unfortunately the tension between Edna’s father and himself push him away from romance. The plot twists when Chaplin decides to ride a cow, and he is knocked unconscious and a dreamlike sequence beings.

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