The Spanish American war was a completely justified war. Spain was abusing its power as a ruling authority in Cuba, Puerto Rico and Philippines, and they all asked us for help. The war was quick with minimal casualties, and we helped Cuba and the Philippines to reach independence.

      Spain has had a long history of mistreatment of less powerful foreign nations. In as early as the 1500’s. Cortez and Pizzaro, two Spanish explorers were single handedly responsible for the demise of both the Aztecs and the Incas. The Spanish wiped out 90% of the indigenous population through enslavement and disease. And now even into the late 1800’s there is still gross mistreatment of the Cubans by the ruling Spanish. The Cubans had attempted to rebel against he Spanish on multiple occasions, all of which failed. After the viscous, unprovoked attack on the USS Maine, the United States had no other option than to defend itself and go to war.

      The defeat of the Spanish in both Cuba and the Philippines was quick and decisive. With help from the native Philippines the US navy led by Commodore Dewy the battle was won in four months with minimal losses on both sides. The Cubans had independence, and the Philippines had independence from their Spanish oppressors. The Spanish American War was fully justified and it was our duty and responsibility to act against the injustice of Spanish occupation.


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